Challenges You May Face When Helping Your Senior Parents Downsize

When the time comes to help your senior parents downsize from the house they raised their kids in, you are likely to experience several challenges. Moving seniors from a house they have lived in for many years is not usually an easy task, but it is often the best decision they could make. Here are some of the challenges you should be prepared to face as you begin preparing for this big event.

Emotional Attachment To The House

Many seniors are reluctant to move for a number of reasons, but a common reason involves their emotional attachment to the house they have lived in for many years. This attachment often comes from the memories they have made while living in this house.

Moving to a new house is a big change, and you will have to understand that this may be hard and painful for your parents. They may have agreed to move, knowing it was in their best interest, but that does not mean they are going to be enthusiastic to get the job done.

If you are the child that will be responsible for helping them accomplish this move, you will have to understand that this event will take time, and you will have to demonstrate a lot of patience and understanding during this time. To your parents, moving from their home might be comparable to the loss of a loved one. They may need time to mourn and accept this change, and you should not try to rush them through it.

Parting With Their Belongings

As your parents work through their feelings and thoughts on this issue, they may begin feeling a little more comfortable with the decision. You can help them through this by pointing out the positive things that will come from moving, and you may also want to let them talk to you about the sadness they may feel and the fears they may have. As time passes, you will also need to start discussing the next challenge, which involves parting with some of the things they own.

Getting your parents moved into a smaller home can be a huge challenge to face, and this is often because it will mean getting rid of things they own. If your parents are like many families, they probably have years of stuff stored in their house. Before they can move, you will have to help them sort through all it so they can decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

As you do this, it may be helpful to have the plans of the house they will be moving into. You can use this to help them understand how much room they will have in their new place, and this is important so they will agree to get rid of the things that will not fit in their new home.

Health And Mobility Issues

Finally, you may want to consider the health and mobility of your parents. If they are not healthy or capable of really assisting with the move, you will probably want to hire a moving company to do the majority of the work. A moving company will be able to lift and load your parents' things, and this will relieve a lot of the burden from them and you. The moving company could also help with the packing and unpacking of their things if needed.

Moving senior parents to a smaller home is often a smart decision to make, yet it can also be a challenging event. To learn more about this, contact a moving company such as Absolute Moving & Storage Inc. A moving company may be able to give you additional tips for helping your parents, and they will be able to give you a quote for moving services.