Tips For Helping You Cut Your Cross-Country Moving Costs

If you are preparing for a move from one side of the country to another, you may feel overwhelmed at the amount of work and cost involved. Although you will still have a lot of work ahead, there are some things you can do to help keep the cost down.

Find And Use Old Boxes To Pack Your Stuff

While you can buy new boxes at either the moving company or box stores, you can cut out this often unnecessary expense by finding and using old ones for your move. Even if you need sturdy boxes for dishes and other valuables, you can often find some at liquor stores, since their boxes must withstand the weight of bottles and cans.

Another place to find boxes of varying sizes is your local grocery store or department store. However, many of these establishments crush their boxes for recycling and saving space, so you may want to call a day or two ahead to see if they will save some for you, giving them the time when you will pick the boxes up.

Reduce Space By Packing Compactly

When the time comes to pack up your belongings, you can save a lot of space by packing compactly. Doing so reduces the amount of space you need in the moving truck. This could save you money by requiring a truck one size smaller.

As you pack your boxes, fill any air space with soft items, such as towels, wash cloths, socks, or underwear. These also provide cushioning for fragile dishes and collectibles, helping you save money on wrapping items, such as bubble wrap or thick, brown wrapping paper.

Move During Off-Peak Times

Sometimes you may not have a say in the timing of your move, especially if you are in a hurry to get across the country to start a new job. However, if you can choose the time, you may be able to save money by moving during off-peak times.

Some moving companies offer discounts for people who have some leeway in their moving time. For example, weekends are often a peak time, so you may have to pay full price for the truck and manpower to get you on the road. However, if you can wait to leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the middle of the week, you may be able to reduce your cost.

Cut Food Costs On The Road By Packing Your Own

Since you will most likely be on the road for several days, you are going to need to find time to eat. If you choose to buy your food and drinks in restaurants, gas stations, or truck stops along the way, this could put a huge dent in your pocketbook. However, if you pack a cooler and fill it with drinks, you would only have to buy ice when it melts.

As far as eating on the road, you could make sandwiches ahead of time, and put them in the cooler. However, if you don't have enough room, you may want to buy packages of meat in the cooler to save space, making the sandwiches at rest areas. You could also bring packages of peanut butter and crackers, or even bring your own healthy, portable snacks.

Using one or more of the above tips can help you save money while moving your household from one side of the country to the other. However, if you are wondering if there are other ways you can slash your moving bill, you may want to speak with an actual moving company, such as Wheaton World Wide Moving, who can give you an estimate of your costs, as well as suggest ways to reduce the cost.