Thwarting A Mouse Problem When Storing Items In A Storage Unit

When you put your belongings into a storage unit, you are most likely concerned about keeping them free of damage during their stay. If you are worried about the possibility of rodents getting into your allotted space, you will want to take some steps in deterring them from your unit. It is also important to make sure the unit you rent is secure so mice are less likely to get inside. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your stored items do not fall victim to damage from unwanted rodents.

Know What To Look For When Renting A Unit

Before you start hauling your personal belongings to a storage facility, it is best to take a tour of the premises to see if there are precautionary steps in place to help with the deterring of rodents. Stored items can be a great place for rodents to hide. Ask to see the unit you will be renting before you go ahead and agree to making a payment. If you can see cracks in the walls or ceiling, or if the door allows light to get inside of the unit when it is closed, mice will be able to access the interior. 

Check Your Items Before You Place Them In Storage

It is extremely important to take a look at your items in detail before you place them in a storage unit. If there are mice hiding inside cardboard boxes or within the structure of a piece of furniture, you could be bringing a problem with you when you place these items in storage. Do a detailed check of each and every item you are going to store to make sure mice, as well as insects, are not going along for the ride.

Protect Items From Potential Mouse Problems

It is a good idea to place items prone to being gnawed or strewn around your unit inside a plastic storage bin. Bigger items can be wrapped in pieces of heavy-duty plastic or a tarp. This way, if mice do happen to get into your unit, your possessions will be harder for them to access.

Add A Scare Tactic To Your Unit For Added Protection

Mice do not stick around areas where they feel they are threatened by prey. Placing a plastic bird of prey inside of your storage unit can be beneficial in keeping mice out of your enclosure. Position it in a central area, such as on top of a stack of boxes where it can be seen from all angles. Alternately, a rubber snake or two can be placed on the floor of your unit to help scare mice from your allotted space.

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