Tips For Packing Up Your China Collection Properly For A Move

If you have an extensive china collection, and you are getting ready to move to a new home, then you undoubtedly want to take your collection with you. Unfortunately, there are few things that are harder to move then a bunch of dishes. Since the task is a hard one, you are likely to make some mistakes that may lead to breaks and serious damage. Keep reading to learn how to avoid catastrophe when it comes to your precious dish collection.

Choosing Poor Quality Boxes

If you want to get the packing over with, then you may be tempted to pack up larger boxes with your china items. While this may make sense, you are likely to make the boxes too heavy, and this can lead to a lot of broken dishes. In general, you need to start by looking at the weight rating for the boxes you purchase. A typical box of plates or glasses will weigh about 42 pounds. To be safe, you should purchase cardboard boxes that can hold 50 pounds or more. 

Also, you need to think about the burst rating of the boxes you use. The burst rating refers to the pounds per square inch of pressure that the box can withstand before the cardboard bursts. Consider boxes with rating above 250. This way, you can be sure that your packed dishes are secure when stacked on top of boxes filled with lighter belongings. Keep in mind that higher burst ratings may mean that you need to buy double wall corrugated boxes. This can increase packing material costs, but the boxes will remain strong and secure.

Another thing to consider when choosing boxes is how they fold. The most secure boxes will have edges or flaps that fully fold over one another. These boxes are called full overlap slotted carton boxes. While the boxes are strong, you still want to make sure that you use heavy-duty packing tape to secure them. 

If you want to spend a little bit more money on your containers, then opt for plastic totes to pack up your dishes. Totes can often hold two to five times the weight that a cardboard box can. Just makes sure to buy totes with heavy duty lids to reduce crushing concerns.

Wrapping With Newspapers

If you want to reduce your costs, then you may decide to pack your dishes in newspaper. This is a mistake for several reasons. You will need to wash your china after the move because the newspaper ink will transfer to the dishes. Newspapers are not allowed to dry for very long when they are printed, so the ink remains wet and transfers to whatever it touches. The ink is made from soybean oil and non-toxic pigments, so they are safe, but it is a nuisance to remove. Also, newspaper does not offer a lot of cushioning to your dishes. 

If you want to use paper to wrap up your dishes, then you can use packing paper. Packing paper is ink-free, thicker, and able to cushion your dishes a bit better. While this is true, you should set a layer of packing peanuts, bubble wrap, towels, or blankets, around the insides of the boxes. Set the dishes on the cushioning materials to keep them from breaking. 

If you want to keep your costs down, then you can crumple up some newspapers and place them in the gaps between the dishes once the boxes are packed up and ready to be moved. 

If you are unsure about the best way to pack your china collection, then contact a moving company. Many moving companies will offer packing services to ensure that your most delicate and precious belongings make it safely to your new home.