Book 'Em Outta There: Simple Tips To Pack And Transport Your Books

Moving can be an overwhelming process. From packing and cleaning to lifting and transporting heavy boxes and furniture, it is easy to see the challenges you will face before, on, and after moving day. While you may think certain items are priorities, proper packing and moving of your household's books can save you a great deal of physical and emotional strain. Here are a few tips to pack and transport all the books in your home.


To get started, invest in a good amount of high-quality cardboard boxes. You do not want to use bags or cheaply-made boxes and containers because you will need a stronger box that is capable of supporting the weight.

If all the books will go to one location in your new home, you do not need to spend a lot of time sorting through them. However, if the books will be separated into different rooms, sort them accordingly.

For example, pack all of your children's books together and label the box with their name. Cookbooks should be packed in a box for the kitchen and pack photo albums and books for the family together in a box for your living room.

After packing, check the weight of your box on a scale. Each box of books should weigh less than 50 pounds because a heavier weight will be more difficult to move.


Even if your boxes are filled appropriately, you should use some precaution when lifting them. Back injuries are common on moving day since most people do not use the proper techniques to lift heavy, bulky objects.

Consider hiring movers who have the necessary supplies to stay safe while moving, such as back braces and moving dollies.

If you will be moving these boxes on your own, use the following tips to ensure you are picking up the heavy boxes of books safely:

  • Bend your knees – Bending your back to pick a box up off the ground places too much stress on your spine and neck. Bend with your knees to use your legs more than your back to pick up a box.
  • Keep your back straight – When lifting, keep your back straight and your shoulders back. This will distribute the weight of the box evenly, reducing stress on one part of your back or neck.
  • Move slow – Do not make any sudden movements once you pick up the box of books since this could cause you to pull a muscle or sprain your back. To avoid twisting and turning, make sure to clear out a pathway from the boxes to the moving truck.

Most households have an enormous selection of books that will need to be moved to the new residence, but this task does not have to cause you stress or pain. These simple tips will help you pack and move your books in a safe and efficient manner. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.