Are You Doing A Big Organization Project?

Have you decided that it's time to organize everything in your house? Perhaps you and your spouse are now empty nesters and you have decided that you want to transform kid's rooms into guest rooms or craft rooms, maybe into an office. That will more than likely mean that you'll want to save some of the things your kids have left behind. Or, you might still have kids at home and you have just decided that it's time to get their bedrooms and the rest of your house totally organized.

Book 'Em Outta There: Simple Tips To Pack And Transport Your Books

Moving can be an overwhelming process. From packing and cleaning to lifting and transporting heavy boxes and furniture, it is easy to see the challenges you will face before, on, and after moving day. While you may think certain items are priorities, proper packing and moving of your household's books can save you a great deal of physical and emotional strain. Here are a few tips to pack and transport all the books in your home.